SuperDARN 2000
Beechworth, Vic. Australia, 22 – 26 May 2000
First Announcement

Location and Dates

The 2000 SuperDARN Workshop will be held at La Trobe University's Beechworth Campus in north-eastern Victoria, Australia, from Tuesday May 23 to Friday 26, inclusive.

A small historic former gold-mining town founded in 1853, located 3 hours drive north-east of Melbourne, current population 3000. During the 1850's gold rush Beechworth became the administrative center of north-east Victoria and was an important stop on the old Sydney to Melbourne coach road. Mining operations ceased many years ago and the town now depends largely on tourism. It is a good location for a quiet few days away from city life. Beechworth has retained its 19th Century charm, many of its historic buildings have been restored, and it is now only one of two towns in Victoria classified as notable by the National Trust. Over 30 buildings are on the Trust's register.

The region produces some of the finest fresh produce in Australia and includes a number of notable wineries. Located in the foothills of the Australian Alps, the Beechworth area provides opportunities for recreational and leisure activities. A range of facilities and services are available to cater for everyone, from the more active: Bushwalking (Hiking, Tramping); Mountain Bike Riding; Horseriding; 4WD tours; water sports (in the summer) and alpine activities (in the winter) - to the less strenuous: historical tours; wineries; cafes; restaurants; galleries; museums and antique shops.
Where is Beechworth?

The La Trobe University Beechworth campus is approximately 1km from the center of town, within easy walking distance (15 - 20 min). It is located in a picturesque environment containing heritage gardens and buildings dating from the 1860's that have been classified as being of historical significance. The conference center consists of modern and extensively renovated buildings containing the latest facilities.

May is the end of autumn in Australia so the temperatures will be dropping and the days shortening. At Beechworth in May the mean daytime temperature maximum is 13.9 C and the mean nighttime minimum is 5.3 C. While many days in May are very pleasant, you should be prepared for cool days and chilly nights. "Beechworth in May"

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The Workshop

The workshop is aimed at presenting and discussing both technical aspects (hardware and software) of the coordinated operations of the radars and the scientific work going on in the various laboratories involved in the SuperDARN venture. Presentations on collaborative activities, including use of other instruments, are also welcome.

Some relevant topics are:

  • Radar Reports
  • Analysis Techniques
  • Ionospheric Convection
  • Ionospheric Response to Dayside Reconnection
  • Ionospheric Response to Substorms
  • Resonant MHD Waves
  • Plasma Instabilities
  • Meteor Winds
  • Gravity Waves
  • Magnetosphere/Ionosphere Coupling
  • SuperDARN and Space Weather
  • Missions and Opportunities

SuperDARN Working Groups will convene during the Workshop and report on their activities.

A preliminary schedule for the workshop is the following:

Monday 22/5

Welcome Drinks &

Buffet Dinner

Tuesday 23/5
Session 1
Session 2
Working Group


Free for late Dinner

Wednesday 24/5
Session 3
Winery Tour or

Afternoon in Beechworth

BBQ Dinner
Thursday 25/5
Session 4
Session 5
Workings Groups

SuperDARN Dinner

Friday 26/5
Session 6
End of workshop

Workshop fees will be fixed at the time of the second announcement. The fee for delegates is expected to be AUD$600 or less and will include:
proceedings; cocktails; 4 lunches; 3 dinners (inc. the SuperDARN Dinner), morning and afternoon teas and a winery tour.
There will also be a daily rate.

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We have organised a range of accommodation on campus, from "student style" single rooms with shared facilities at AUD$54 to executive suites at AUD$141 (per double). All accommodation includes a full buffet breakfast. Family accommodation is also available on request.

Premium accommodation consisting of Single Suites and Double Suites and Executive Suites, all with private facilities. Each room has TV, mini-fridge, IDD telephone, coffee and tea making facilities. Some rooms have an additional single bed at extra cost. Rooms with facilities for disabled persons are available.

  • Executive Suites

AUD $141 per night (double)

(Conference Rate - inc. breakfast)

  • Delegate Suites

AUD $101 per double per night

(Conference Rate - inc. breakfast)

AUD $68 per single per night

Three large turn-of-the century cottages, fully remodeled to provide superior group or "student style" accommodation. Each has between 10 and 11 bedrooms suitable for between 1, 2 and 4 guests and 2 shared "group" bathrooms. All linen is provided. Each cottage has a fully equipped kitchen with microwave oven, TV lounge (with VCR) and central courtyard. Cottages contain disabled person bathroom facilities.

  • Single rooms

AUD $54 per room per night

(Conference Rate - inc. breakfast)

  • Double rooms

AUD $81 per room per night

(Conference Rate - inc. breakfast)

  • Family Rooms available on request

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Money and Credit Cards

The official currency for the workshop will be the Australian Dollar (AUD$). Exchange rates are determined by the international money markets and fluctuate daily. In mid-January 2000 exchange rates were:

AUD$1.00 = US$0.66
= 0.64 Euro
= 70.12 Yen
Currency Guide.

Nearly all Australian business accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards. Most will also accept at least one of American Express or Diner's Club. La Trobe University only accepts VISA or MasterCard so you will have to pay your Workshop accounts with these cards or by cash.

24hr Automatic Banking Machines are widespread so money can be easily obtained at any hour of the day either by credit card or direct from a bank account linked to international access by machine. Over the counter bank hours vary and are not always convenient for travellers.

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Travel to Australia

The closest international airport to Beechworth is Melbourne and the closest commercial airport is Albury. Local air services operate between Albury and both Melbourne and Sydney. However, you might like to travel to Melbourne or Sydney, stay a few days, then travel to Beechworth - see Travel in Australia.

All visitors to Australia other than Australian and New Zealand citizens require a visa, however in most instances, if you travel to Australia by a major airline, the airline will automatically obtain your visa in the form of an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).

The ETA is an electronically-stored authority to travel to Australia for a short-term tourist or business entry. The ETA does away with the need for an application form and a visa stamp in your passport. It enables genuine short-term visitors to Australia to obtain authority to enter Australia at the same time as they book their travel arrangements. There is no need for the traveler to complete an application form for a visa. The ETA is issued electronically through the computer links between the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA), travel agents, airlines and specialist service providers around the world.

The list of countries using the ETA system is found at http://www.immi.gov.au/eta/countries.htm.

If the ETA system is not available in your country (e.g. China, South Africa, Russia) you will need to contact your nearest Australian diplomatic office. It may then take several weeks to process your visa application.

Australia, as an island, is fortunate that many diseases and pests are not present. Strictly enforced customs regulations prohibit the importation of a range of goods - particularly food and animal products.
For more information we recommend you view the Australian Customs web site.

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Travel in Australia

There are a number of travel options within Australia - here are a few suggestions.

Hire a car from Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide. South Eastern Australia has an extensive network of sealed roads, good signage and services - of an equivalent standard to North America and Western Europe. Beechworth is a 3 hour drive from Melbourne, 7 hours from Sydney, and 10 hours from Adelaide. There is an extensive range of things to see and do on the way - so if you are able plan a few days of sightseeing. Free car parking is available at the workshop venue.

There is a twice daily (on weekdays) train and bus service between
Melbourne and Beechworth (via Wangaratta) - total travel time is around 3.5hrs.
There is a twice daily fast train between Sydney and Melbourne with stops in Albury (~7.25hrs from Sydney) and Wangaratta (~8hrs) - travel time Sydney/Melbourne ~10.5hrs.

Subject to sufficent demand we will be arranging coach transport from Melbourne to Beechworth on Monday, May 22 and from Beechworth to Melbourne on Friday, May 26. The cost will be AUD$50 each way.

For delegates arriving at Albury airport or railway station, transfer to Beechworth has been arranged as part of the workshop program.

For delegates arriving in Beechworth via the Vline train and bus service, transfer from bus stop to the workshop venue has been arranged.

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Call For Papers

Titles and presentations are due before the 15th of March and should be emailed using the form provided.

Full Abstracts are due before 11th of April and must be sent using the Abstract Submission Form which will be available shortly.

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Workshop Proceedings

Proceedings of the workshop will be published and authors will be required to provide an electronic or printed version of their presentation. Electronic version will be preferred and details will be provided in a later circular.

The length of papers will be limited to 4 pages and will need to be submitted by June 30.

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Partners Program

The organising committee is planning an interesting partners' program including tours of Historical Beechworth and surrounding alpine areas.

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Organising Committee

The organizing committee consists of the following people:

  1. Peter Dyson, Head of committee
  2. Jim Whittington, Conference Coordinator
  3. John Devlin
  4. Phil Wilkinson
  5. Errol Dunn (Manager, Beechworth Convention Center)

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Contact Us

Email: superdarn2000@ee.latrobe.edu.au
www: http://www.tiger.latrobe.edu.au

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