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Poster Session.

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Gerard BlanchardUse of the Lomb Periodogram to Analyze SuperDARN Backscatter SpectrumAbstractPresentation
Yulia BogdanovaFormation of the Low-Latitude Boundary Layer and cusp under the northward IMF: simultaneous observations by Cluster and Double Star.AbstractPresentation
Colin WatersULF Wave Effects in Radio AstronomyPresentation
Eddie CustovicAnalysis of Wallops Island Style Antenna for use in TIGER-3 RadarAbstractPresentation
Jim WhittingtonProposed TIGER-3 Radar ArchitectureAbstractPresentation
T.K. YeomanThe influence of magnetospheric substorms on high-latitude ionospheric convectionAbstractPresentation
Tom A. KaneSuperDARN observations of storm-time plasma dynamics: Ionospheric backscatter occurrence and convection response to Storm Sudden CommencementAbstractPresentation
S. KoustovRankin Inlet PolarDARN radar observations of duskward moving Sun-aligned optical formsAbstractPresentation
Roman MakarevichSuperDARN observations of high-velocity E-region echoes from the eastward auroral electrojetAbstractPresentation
Ermanno AmataPlasma sheet evolution following dual lobe reconnectionAbstractPresentation
Mark LesterNumerical modelling of Blackstone radar antenna arrayAbstractPresentation
Peter SutcliffeObservations of Pc3 band pulsations in the polar cusp region by CHAMPAbstractPresentation
Jim WildFirst results from the Rainbow auroral imager at Pykkvibaer, IcelandAbstractPresentation

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