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Session 07: Large-scale wave-like processes.

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Fred MenkProperties of Ionospheric Doppler Oscillations Driven by Downgoing ULF WavesAbstractPresentation
Tim YeomanBistatic observations of large and small scale ULF waves in SPEAR-induced HF coherent backscatterAbstractPresentation
Joseph BakerObservations of Pi2 pulsations at substorm onset with the SuperDARN THEMIS modeAbstractPresentation
Tadahiko OgawaSuperDARN Hokkaido radar observations of nighttime medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances and sporadic E irregularitiesAbstractPresentation
Carlos GaneThe Effects of Pulsed Ionospheric Flows on Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Wave BehaviourAbstractPresentation
Elsayed R. TalaatMesopause waves and tides as observed by the SuperDARN networkPresentation
Kenneth J.W. LynnSources of ionospheric variabilityAbstractPresentation

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