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Session 08: Small-scale plasma turbulence and multi-scale processes.

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Mervyn FreemanThe non-Gaussian nature of ionospheric vorticity fluctuationsAbstractPresentation
Murray L ParkinsonSolar cycle variability in solar wind turbulence, magnetospheric currents, and ionospheric electric fieldsAbstractPresentation
Gary AbelMulti-fractal turbulence in the ionosphere - IMF clock angle control of intermittencyAbstractPresentation
Brett A. CarterE-region decameter-scale plasma waves observed by the dual TIGER HF radarsAbstractPresentation
Hannah VickersTemperature Dependence of Artifical Field-Aligned IrregularitiesAbstractPresentation
S. KoustovE region echo velocity and ExB as inferred from Stokkseyri observationsAbstractPresentation

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