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Session 02: Data analysis and new techniques.

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Richard Todd ParrisFirst Results of Imaging, Super Stereo, and Other Upgrades on the Kodiak RadarAbstractPresentationZipped Presentation
Pasha PonomarenkoRecovering ionospheric velocities from SuperDARN returns contaminated by ground/sea scatterAbstractPresentation
Robert Ian GreenwoodPropagation mode and scatter type identification of SuperDARN echoes using high Doppler resolution spectral analysisAbstractPresentation
Tim YeomanAssessing the accuracy of the new Chisham et al. SuperDARN virtual height model in Mapping ionospheric backscatterAbstractPresentation
S. KoustovThree way validation of Rankin velocity measurements: Saskatoon radar, Resolute CADI and DMSPAbstractPresentation
Pasha PonomarenkoEffects of non-unity refractive index on SuperDARN velocity estimatesAbstractPresentation
George SofkoEstimating index of refraction in the scattering region using SuperDARN angle of arrival measurementsAbstractPresentation
Jeff SpaletaEnhanced Line of Sight Velocity Analysis Using an Aperiodic Pulse Sequence on the Kodiak and King Salmon Radars.AbstractPresentation
Akira Sessai YukimatuRange imaging by single pulse FDI - heater induced FAI observed by SuperDARN and EISCATAbstractPresentationZipped Presentation
James David BorderickDouble Pulse Operations with SuperDARNAbstractPresentation
E. MravlagAn Investigation of the Noise as Recorded by the SANAE SHARE RadarAbstractPresentation
Mervyn FreemanStatistical field-aligned current maps determined from SuperDARN HF radar measurements of ionospheric vorticityAbstractPresentation

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